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The JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon celebrates this union by offering international runners a chance to indulge in the grandeur of the Great Wall and push their physical prowess to the limit in this test of endurance. We, the JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon, welcome you!
We brought the JinShanLing Great Wall Marathon on the big stage of the Chicago Marathon Expo last year. This event is entering its 5th year with over 1,500 runners. This event has developed into a mature event givien international participation. We hope for more foreign runners to witness the grandeur and glory of the Great Wall.
You can sign up for a full marathon, half marathon, or 10 km run. Be thoroughly prepared—the course is extremely challenging due to steep slopes, uneven surface tracks and varied step heights. But fortunately, this tough work does not go without prize! You will be rewarded with first-hand panoramic views as you gaze upon these long-standing brick walls lining the enchanting mountains. As it will be in the heart of spring, you will also get to indulge in the beauty of blossoming apricot flowers, cherry blossoms, azalea and all kinds of wild flowers.


Race Date: April 21st, 2019 Race Start: 10:00AM
Event Categories: (male/female)

Marathon (42.2k)
Half Marathon (21.1k)

The JinShanLing is the most beautiful part of the Great Wall. It has been listed as a UNESCO’s world heritage site in 1987. It is the national key cultural relics protection unit and a state-level scenic spot. The marathon occurs in the Spring season when the apricot flowers, cherry blossoms, azalea, and all kinds of wild flowers blossom, which makes the JinShanLing Great Wall a sea of flowers.

Race Times (expected estimates):

  • Marathon ends at 16:00PM (7hours)
  • Half Marathon ends at 14:00PM (5 hours)
  • 10KM ends at 12:00PM (2 hours)

Race Preparation:

  • The course is extremely challenging due to steep slopes, uneven surface tracks, and varied step heights. These harsh course conditions can often cause problems for entrants who are not thoroughly prepared.
  • Professional equipment will be provided to avoid injuries and accidents.
  • JinShanLing Great Wall is situated on mountain ranges, the elevation creates less air density, thus it is more taxing for entrants physically in terms of breathing and oxygen intake. Training at higher altitudes prior is highly recommended
  • Climbing the Great Wall is a physical and mental feat for many first-time entrants; but don’t forget to enjoy the beauty of the Great Wall while you are here!


  • Help yourself with foods and drinks from the information desk upon completion of the race
  • Certificate for completion is available at the information desk
  • All winners should participate in the awarding ceremony

The organizing committee will provide timing chips for all marathon and half marathon entrants. If some entrants are unable to complete the course given the proposed time, he/she is advised to stop and remove his/her bib. The event staff will lead back to the starting point.

  • Full Marathon closing time: 9 hours
  • Half Marathon closing time: 6 hours
  • 10KM closing time 3 hours


Male/Female – Marathon/Half Marathon

  • Cups and medals for top 3 finishers
  • Medals, certificate for completion, bath towels for all finishers within the time limit
  • Special trophy is designed for entrants who can break their personal best time record in our events.

Map & Course Description

Approximately 50% of course is comprised of the Great Wall, the rest are rocky and dirt trails. The average elevation of the course is determined at 374m above sea level, with the highest at 492m and the lowest at 278m

The course time limits will be STRICTLY ENFORCED. A 5-hours time is limit for half Marathon and 7-hours for full Marathon. Participants must maintain a pace faster than the course time limits in order to complete the race.

A total of six supply depots are set along the track to provide plenty of drinks and food. A total of four medical aid stations will be setup along the track, and rescue workers will provide mobile patrols throughout the competition.



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